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Review for: Fitting Elephants in the Density Functionals Zoo: Statistical Criteria for the Evaluation of DFT methods as a Suitable Replacement for Counting Parameters
  • Anonymous IJQC Reviewer
Anonymous IJQC Reviewer


In his present contribution, Peverati addresses whether the number of degrees of freedom influence the accuracy and applicability of a density functional. Overall, this question is of interest, particularly to DFT developers and Peverati answers it appropriately. Therefore, I find this work suitable for IJQC. That being said, I have to raise two major points and a couple of minor ones that should be addressed before this manuscript can be accepted for publication. I therefore recommend a revision.
Note that I prefer to remain anonymous. While I appreciate that referee reports are published alongside a paper, making the reviewer public may actually have the undesired effect that reviewers are reluctant to be honest in their assessment, which ultimately hampers the production of high-quality publications.